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On New Communications

A while back my team each presented on their parts for “New Communication Technology”. It has been a couple of weeks, and I thought it’d be a good experiment to see how much I remember from their presentation.

Marcus basically talked about Skype. He was probably trying to explain how the internet is soon to be replacing telecos. This was touched on later during lectures. Its amazing how the internet seems to be doing everything. First it was with text/information. Eventually it evolved to communicating pictures, motions, and videos. Believe it or not, humans would probably be next. Turning into binary codes. (Miss Kwa, if you checked my blog, could you drop me the link to that adv?)

Another member talked about interactive technology. Some examples given were the new technology introduced to television. Jia Hui showed how it’s possible to excess social networking websites through TV sets. But when you think about it, its probably gonna be a hassle typing with your remote, with limited features when using the TV to access websites. Having said that, a new concept I chanced upon seems to put new technology in TV to better use. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEMXLPD4gNY

The basic idea allows for videos to be transfered into the TV sets to be viewed in HD. Well that’s something I’d really want to have. These days, no one watch TV together as a family. With the new capabilities, probably more family TV time?

Finally, Sally spoke about podcasting. Wasn’t enough time to get it all out, but the basic idea of podcasting works like RSS Feeds. You get to be updated about your favourites and download selective videos into your Itunes! After a bit of research, I learnt how you could “Youtube podcast”! http://socialmediauga.blogspot.com/2007/11/youtube-podcasting.html

In a nutshell,

1) You can make calls through the Internet. Soon enough you can do anything with the Internet.

2) TV is getting interactive. Soon enough, every bit of machinery at home is going to be connected to you.

3) Podcast allows you to download latest videos. Soon enough you won’t be surfing the net. News would come to you like SMS.

Maybe that wasn’t what exactly I was supposed to get out of their sharing. LOL.


Does the use of Internet, affect our brains?

Its interesting to think about such questions.

The answer should be pretty obvious.

Advances in technology have revealed that our brains are far more altered by experience or training than was thought possible.

Auditory areas of musicians are usually more developed than average.  Learning how to juggle itself, may very much alter our way of thinking too.

One suggests that a lifetime spent on the internet will alter the way we think and process information is well founded. But whether these changes will enhance or degrade our powers of imagination, recall and decision-making has divided scientists.

Young adults like myself have taught ourselves to rely on the Internet. Its impact is evident in our everyday lives. We become so impatient and our attention span probably won’t last for anymore than minutes.

And the more we use the net, the less information we get from prints. Some suggests that the abandonment of books means people will lose the ability to follow a plot from start to finish.

Having said that, short terms studies have shown that Internet use have a positive impact on our mental powers.