The Miss Kwa Stories

Today, Miss Kwa shared 5 cute stories to end off her final New Media Technology (NCT)  lecture. Its pretty amazing how each story can relate back to NCT.

I’ve always loved this quote that:

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.”

These stories would probably still stay with me after I leave.

1) Penguin Story

Apparently penguins form 2 lines before heading out to hunt for fresh fishes. The first row of penguins would head into the waters while the 2nd row would wait for their return.

If the first row of penguins doesn’t come back, that signifies danger lurking in the water.

What’s the moral of the story?

  • Never be in the 1st row?
  • Penguins are black in color
  • Watch and learn
  • Great rewards comes with great risks.  The social media may be a new platform. But it is probably worth the try.

2) Doris & Ping ride to school

Miss Kwa was having a back ache. So Doris drove her car and the two headed for school. An old lady knocked on the windows asking for a ride when they stopped before traffic lights.

Both were taken a step back, too stunned to react. While Miss Kwa was hoping for Doris to answer the old lady as she drove, Doris was hoping that Miss Kwa would answer the old lady as the owner of the car.

Before they could say a thing, the old lady helped herself in.

What is the moral of the story?

  • Lock your car doors
  • Be shameless when asking for favors
  • Be decisive
  • Security plays an important role in the new age of technology. Be careful with what you say online, be careful of the information you keep.


NASA spent 100 thousand on inventing a new pen to be used in space. Traditional pens does not work without gravity.

After the invention, Russian agents then questioned, why spent the money when pencils would work?

What is the moral of the story?

  • As people become more dependent with technology, we tend to forget how things don’t have to be as complex. Sometimes, traditional ways could be the solution to the most complicated problem.

4) Frog in a kettle

As reptiles, frogs can moderate its own temperature when the temperature around changes. We’ve all heard about the frog in a well.

Here’s the frog in a kettle. If you put a frog in the kettle full of water at room temperature, it’d adjust to fit that temperature. If you start heating the water, it does the same, raising its temperature.

When it finally starts to boil, it gets cooked and die without knowing why.

As Miss Kwa’s favorite story, it has the most important lesson behind.

What is the morale of the story:

  • Never stop learning. Technology changes everyday. The day you stop learning might possibly be the day you stop existing. Use the little knowledge you have and keep improving yourself.

Thank You for all the times you guide us along our learning path.


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