A few days back I met a french  on the train. I was obviously trying to attract the attention of a lady some attention, and to my surprise a french guy came up to compliment my moves.

I showed him a little more in my bag of tricks and we started talking. After a firm handshake we went out of the train and had a chat. In the next min, an Indian family came up to me hoping to see more of what I had because they took notice in the train. Was more than glad to share a few more tricks up my sleeves.

After they left, the french and I had a long talk before we decided to take it to Starbucks. Its amazing how I could even keep up with the conversation.

He was a french philosophy writer who’s in his 60s. Although he didn’t speak well, he could express his thoughts very clearly and I could see the wheels turning in his head.

We talked about life. We talked about religion. Above all, we actually talked about the media.

He speaks of  “words” as creations to help men. But somewhere in time, “words” became independent and men begin to be slaves of these words. That advertisers in particular are using words to manipulate and indirectly influencing our way of lives.

Do you know why are men suffering? Because they have the wrong ideas.

When was the last time you took a walk in the park alone. Without your gadgets, without the music.

When was the last time you could put away your computer and let the thoughts flow in your mind.

When was the last time you wrote.

When was the lasst time you create.

The other day, Miss Kwa mentioned about the two states we can be in while using the media. Active & Passive.

When we in the movies, we’re probably in the passive state of mind. When we are on the net, its definitely active when we are clicking on everywhere.

Soon enough, everything else would grow towards the interactive side. Soon enough, we’d never have a mind of our own. Soon enough, there won’t be a search for greatness and enlightenment.


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