Pat Law

I probably learnt the most from today’s talk by Pat compared to any other lectures I had.

No kidding.

There was definitely a whole lot of information fed to us. I have to admit that I didn’t get them all. Hopefully I’d figure out somehow.

She arrived a little late. But no one really complained. Probably because everyone else were admiring how fashionable she was and how different she looked compared to what we are used to look at in the theater. She sounded pretty nice too.

Enough about how she presented herself. Her slides were great too. There was a structure to it. Its simple, focus, and to the point. Probably one thing everyone needs to work on.

If you ask me what’s the talk about, I can’t really give a definite answer. Maybe it was about using social media. Maybe its about branding, advertising, public relations. Or maybe its everyone of those and none of those.

Basically I learnt how huge the net really is. And that knowledge isn’t really wealth, only if you learnt how to harness it. The Web is a huge library of information. And it’s no longer about reading as much as you can, but to be able to filter through these clutter to find what’s relevant to You.

I saw the different sites that analyze your online presence, ( and many more on checking your popularity ( or stalking a friend ( and so on.

There were so much information within one single talk. And I definitely got quite a bit out of it. Now its up to me to practice what I learnt, or to let these precious knowledge go into slumber…

Thanks, PatLaw.


2 responses to “Pat Law

  1. I’ve never had a blog post written with my name as the title, so thank you, for the kind ego boost. LOL.

    I am honoured that you found the lecture useful. If opportunity arises the next time, I might just do one on how Digital Influence / social media fits into the Marketing Mix so as to address your concerns.

    Thanks again mate. 🙂

    • Well, i thought it’d be easier for people to search for the post if I named it such. LOL.

      Thanks for dropping a comment. There are quite a couple in class who’s dying to have you comment on your blog post so that they can have more “hits” on their blog. HAHAHA

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