Marketer’s Dream

Its amazing how the net these days creates so much marketing opportunities. There is a whole lot of hype about branding yourself and marketing your business with social media.

Today I got to listen to Stephie Tan about her success. Here’s her site

Basically she managed to create awareness about herself, her publications and retain interest among a loyal fan base. She was featured in the papers and prominent magazines too.

Its amazing how she started off as a regular blogger who eventually found a way into the crowds and became noticed for her talents.

A little take away from her talk was about following our dreams. About branding ourselves. About making use of technology. About making things possible with the net.

We all have so much potential that has yet been tapped on.


One response to “Marketer’s Dream

  1. came here via the #nct hashtag (: thank you for sharing your takeaway! there is absolutely nothing better like the vast expanse of time that a youth has… i wish you all the best (:

    here’s my other site too, if you are ever interested.

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