Derren Brown & The Wisdom of Crowds

One of the most interesting theories I learnt about from Derren’s performance would be “The Wisdom of Crowds”.

Derren Brown is one of the most amazing magicians I’ve came by who does a mixture of mentalism, psychological suggestions and showmanship in his brilliant shows. He is probably also one of the only magician who successfully used social media to increase his popularity and create awareness.

At the moment, he has one main facebook account. Another one for his parrot, and a twitter account with more than 160, 000 followers. The interesting thing is that he’s only following 10 of these people.

So how does this tie back to the Wisdom of Crowds? Amongst that many amazing feats he does on his show  in the more recent one called “The Events”, he showed “How to predict the lottery tickets”

If you have the time, i urge you to watch the whole show before it is removed.


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