Does the use of Internet, affect our brains?

Its interesting to think about such questions.

The answer should be pretty obvious.

Advances in technology have revealed that our brains are far more altered by experience or training than was thought possible.

Auditory areas of musicians are usually more developed than average.  Learning how to juggle itself, may very much alter our way of thinking too.

One suggests that a lifetime spent on the internet will alter the way we think and process information is well founded. But whether these changes will enhance or degrade our powers of imagination, recall and decision-making has divided scientists.

Young adults like myself have taught ourselves to rely on the Internet. Its impact is evident in our everyday lives. We become so impatient and our attention span probably won’t last for anymore than minutes.

And the more we use the net, the less information we get from prints. Some suggests that the abandonment of books means people will lose the ability to follow a plot from start to finish.

Having said that, short terms studies have shown that Internet use have a positive impact on our mental powers.


2 responses to “Does the use of Internet, affect our brains?

  1. However, there are always ebooks for people who read books, and always NYTimes online/ST interactive for people who reads newspaper. The Internet has information that feeds our brains, which imo, in a way helps to affect the brain positively.

    But I guess whether it affects our brains or not, we are still gonna rely on it badly for the years to come. (:

    • Yes, thats right. E books are becoming popular and easily available for downloads. 😀 Similarly online newspapers as well.

      However, when we read a book (not an e-book) we tend to follow from start to finish. But when it comes to ebooks, i don’t usually follow through. Most of the time the Ebook enables us to skip to the part we want. I read up on a research once, about how we tend to have very short attention span online. It’s not just with websites, but articles and ebooks too. Its just not the same on the computer. Perhaps its just me? =X

      I didn’t mention too much about the papers or magazines, because to start with, we always skipped through and read only the headlines or what interests us. hahaha 😀

      And yes, we are going to rely on it pretty badly! HOW WENTING! lol

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