Rewind Time

I read about this on Derren’s blog.

What if there your brain could create a 4th dimension?

THE MAN dangles on a cable hanging from an eight-storey-high tower … and then it happens. The cable suddenly unclips and he plummets towards the concrete below.

Have you ever experienced such?

Panic sets in, but he’s been given an assignment and so, fighting his fear of death, he stares at the instrument strapped to his wrist, before falling into the sweet embrace of a safety net. A team of scientists will spend weeks studying the results.

That was the experiment.

We’ve heard from some people about how their whole lives flashed in front of their eyes before they die, or how things seem to slow down during life and death situations.

Apparently the experiment was trying to show whether the brain’s clock actually accelerates – making external events appear abnormally slow in comparison with the brain’s workings – or whether the slo-mo is just an artefact of our memory.

It’s always intriguing when it comes to talk about “Time”

It’s just one of many mysteries concerning how we experience time that we are only now beginning to crack. “Time,” says Eagleman, “is much weirder than we think it is.”


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