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The New Dating Theory

I’ve been hearing a lot from desperate friends who are looking for significant partners. Both males & females alike. Myself included.

Its a problem for many which, in turn made “dating guides for men” one of the best sellers. Books like “The Game” classifies these hungry lovebirds as AFC – Average Frustrated Chumps. Man who don’t get what women wants, and get frustrated every time they see a beautiful lady.

Here’s what I think.

Looking for a lover, is very much like looking for a job.

Do you know what that means?

How many people are really happy with their jobs? Not many.

And how many people really get what they want? Not many.

Maybe you like to sing or you enjoy dancing. What about taking care of animals? Or perhaps you are like me, someone who’s into arts. What are the chances of you doing what you want?

Here’s why I think people don’t get their jobs.

1) They are not desperate enough

2) They are not good enough

How does this apply to “finding love”?

1) If you’re desperate, you sent out hundreds of resumes hoping that someone gives a hoot about it. Your resume is what makes the first impression

When it comes to dating, your profiles on social networking sites are your resumes. You probably need to choose your best photos to attract. People won’t even click on you if they aren’t attracted to how you look.

Its like your cover letter. Its the first impression. It has been proven that ladies who show off their cleavage gets more friends and requests. Similarly these ladies won’t take interest in a guy who doesn’t appeal to them.

In a nutshell, be desperate enough to decorate your profile. People judge base on how it is. If you have little photographs like myself, people assume that you’re either ugly or simply a geek who doesn’t go out.

2) Everyone wants a hot girl friend like Megan. If you hear a guy telling you otherwise, he’s trying very hard to make a good impression.

So, how many out there are good enough for Megan? Dating guides talk about looking your best, and being your best self. To be confident and naturally charming. WTF is that?

Some men are born with good looks. These are the assholes who doesn’t need to do a thing for women to flock over. Others have a natural talent to flirt with the opposite sex.

What about you. What do you have?

If you’re rich, use it. If you have a 6 pack ab, show it. lol. I’m kidding.

Basically we all have to think twice about what we want, and be practical with ourselves. The bottom line is this, if you want someone perfect, you’ve to at least be half as good. If you want to work in a reputable firm, you better have alot to offer.

Just like a job interview, you have to sell yourself! Dress smart, no tight or oversized T-shirts. Speak with confidence &  laugh at everything that’s supposed to be funny.


To sum it up, looking for a partner is  like looking for a job. It doesn’t pay to work hard.

Work smart, and get laid paid.

– Loyalover


Above post is an attempt to be funny while relating back to  “New Media Technology” and “Professional Preparation”. I’m not an expert in dating nor do i claim to be.



Marketer’s Dream

Its amazing how the net these days creates so much marketing opportunities. There is a whole lot of hype about branding yourself and marketing your business with social media.

Today I got to listen to Stephie Tan about her success. Here’s her site

Basically she managed to create awareness about herself, her publications and retain interest among a loyal fan base. She was featured in the papers and prominent magazines too.

Its amazing how she started off as a regular blogger who eventually found a way into the crowds and became noticed for her talents.

A little take away from her talk was about following our dreams. About branding ourselves. About making use of technology. About making things possible with the net.

We all have so much potential that has yet been tapped on.

Wisdom of crowds

What is the wisdom of crowd?

Its about the aggregation of information in groups, resulting in decisions that, one argues, are often better than could have been made by any single member of the group.

The basic idea is obvious. That two heads work better than one.  However, it is interesting to note that this is nothing like team work.

One criteria for the wisdom of crowd is with independence.

People’s opinions aren’t determined by the opinions of those around them.

And obviously in usual teams, we discuss, we criticize and eventually come up with a plan.

It is difficult to compare the two. The conclusion I came up with is that each concept is more effective than another during different situations.

Here’s an example:

10 students were asked to predict the number of jelly beans in a jar. Each was to give a number independently and the mean average was revealed.

Compare this to

A team of 10 students who were asked to predict the number of jelly beans in a jar as a group.  The collective opinions would eventually come up to one number.

Which do you think would be more accurate? My fair guess would be that the team of 10 who worked in a group.

The wisdom of crowd works particularly well when the numbers are large. The more opinions you collect, the more accurate the mean would be. That’s also one reason why this theory is often used online for ratings and ranking systems. However, in most situations that do not allow for an easy method to calculate mean, team work would prove to be more appropriate.

Derren Brown & The Wisdom of Crowds

One of the most interesting theories I learnt about from Derren’s performance would be “The Wisdom of Crowds”.

Derren Brown is one of the most amazing magicians I’ve came by who does a mixture of mentalism, psychological suggestions and showmanship in his brilliant shows. He is probably also one of the only magician who successfully used social media to increase his popularity and create awareness.

At the moment, he has one main facebook account. Another one for his parrot, and a twitter account with more than 160, 000 followers. The interesting thing is that he’s only following 10 of these people.

So how does this tie back to the Wisdom of Crowds? Amongst that many amazing feats he does on his show  in the more recent one called “The Events”, he showed “How to predict the lottery tickets”

If you have the time, i urge you to watch the whole show before it is removed.

Does the use of Internet, affect our brains?

Its interesting to think about such questions.

The answer should be pretty obvious.

Advances in technology have revealed that our brains are far more altered by experience or training than was thought possible.

Auditory areas of musicians are usually more developed than average.  Learning how to juggle itself, may very much alter our way of thinking too.

One suggests that a lifetime spent on the internet will alter the way we think and process information is well founded. But whether these changes will enhance or degrade our powers of imagination, recall and decision-making has divided scientists.

Young adults like myself have taught ourselves to rely on the Internet. Its impact is evident in our everyday lives. We become so impatient and our attention span probably won’t last for anymore than minutes.

And the more we use the net, the less information we get from prints. Some suggests that the abandonment of books means people will lose the ability to follow a plot from start to finish.

Having said that, short terms studies have shown that Internet use have a positive impact on our mental powers.

Rewind Time

I read about this on Derren’s blog.

What if there your brain could create a 4th dimension?

THE MAN dangles on a cable hanging from an eight-storey-high tower … and then it happens. The cable suddenly unclips and he plummets towards the concrete below.

Have you ever experienced such?

Panic sets in, but he’s been given an assignment and so, fighting his fear of death, he stares at the instrument strapped to his wrist, before falling into the sweet embrace of a safety net. A team of scientists will spend weeks studying the results.

That was the experiment.

We’ve heard from some people about how their whole lives flashed in front of their eyes before they die, or how things seem to slow down during life and death situations.

Apparently the experiment was trying to show whether the brain’s clock actually accelerates – making external events appear abnormally slow in comparison with the brain’s workings – or whether the slo-mo is just an artefact of our memory.

It’s always intriguing when it comes to talk about “Time”

It’s just one of many mysteries concerning how we experience time that we are only now beginning to crack. “Time,” says Eagleman, “is much weirder than we think it is.”


Today i read up about:


A friend of mine is having trouble with a colleague at work. Apparently his work mate, Daniel have the habit to put people down. Although it can be irritating, he has to admit that Daniel is quite witty at times.

…people with narcissistic personality disorder are often highly intelligent and charming…
Basically Daniel tries to put my friend down, unreasonably. It may be obvious to intelligent people that we should ignore people like that. But then again, it can be extremely irritating at times.

In the end I think I actually gave the wrong advice, and taught my friend how to be an asshole too.

To everyone with an issue out there, Stay calm.