Monthly Archives: November 2007

The Minority Report

Some movies tend to be more intriguing than others.

There were a couple of amazing inventions in the “Minority Report”.  Like how cars traveled on walls, how holograms instead of print ads were everywhere, and that everything else was voice activated.

Its always interesting how technology can work like magic. If magic is like dream that never happened, then technology is the reality.

I’ve been performing magic for a while, and whenever I see a trick that looks so impossible, I start to question myself if I should actually dismiss it as another trick with a disappointing secret.

When I was watching the Minority Report, I start to wonder. What about magician at that time. What about the magicians in 2054.

When technology is reality, what else is there for magic?

The movies talks about pre crime. To predict the future, and thus preventing crimes before it actually happens. Although everyone else believed that it was a perfect system, there was an error. Human error.

Perfection is a flaw. If something is perfect, there will never be anything else to look forward to.